Crescent Ridge
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Crescent Ridge and Parc Homeowners' Association


The Subdivision Entrance Revitalization Project has made significant progress this past year.  Hopefully you are pleased with the changes to beautify our entrances/subdivision and enhance the value of our properties. 


Auburn Oaks (Auburn Hills) was awarded the contract to revitalize the entrances on Crystal Drive and Bridge Park (including the boulevard strip) this past year.  They designed a landscape plan that combines the beauty and hardiness of plants to provide interesting groupings of color and texture.  They also provided year round interest supplied by the planting of Autumn Joy sedum, Stella D’oro daylilies, ornamental grasses and spirea.   In preparation for these plantings, they removed dying trees and overgrown plantings, graded all the entrances, installed stone walls and prepared the beds.  Autumn Blaze Maple trees were planted on the Bridge Park boulevard in addition to shrubs, ornamental grasses and new sod.  We think they did an amazing job and look forward to enhancing the entrances with the planting of colorful annuals in the spring.

For any questions contact JoAnn from your Homeowners Association. Email Link: Joann Luzynski


The Board also worked with the city of Troy to ensure that the sprinkler systems that were damaged due to the Crooks Road construction were repaired and replaced in full working order.  A whole new, city replaced sprinkler system was installed along Crooks Road.  Now that the sprinkler systems are again in full working order, we reinstated our lawn fertilization and watering program.  This should green up the grass and enhance the overall appearance of our subdivision along this border. 


New subdivision signs have been installed at both the Crystal Drive and Bridge Park entrances.  They are constructed of sturdy redwood cedar with raised gold lettering and a dark blue-gray background.   The existing lanterns on Bridge Park and floodlights at both entrances have been refurbished and are now lighting our way again.


Over the past few years, the subdivision has lost many trees along Crooks Road due to the Emerald Ash Borer Disease, old age, construction damage and the lack of a sprinkler watering system during the Crooks Road construction.  We felt it was important to replace these trees and enhance the overall appearance of the subdivision along Crooks Road.   Additionally, as more of the older trees age, we want to ensure we have beautiful, healthy trees along this subdivision border.  Shades of Green (Rochester Hills) was awarded the contract to plant these new spruce and maple trees.  The project was completed this fall.  They also replaced dying trees on two of the cul de sacs.


To cap off the year of significant progress on our subdivision entrances and borders, we wanted to install holiday lighting at our front entrances.  We felt this beautiful eye catching display would be attractive not only for people who live here, but also for people who drive by and notice our subdivision.  Austin and Pierce Holiday Lighting installed the lights for us.